#Weekendvibes: 10 Strategies For Increasing Audience At Music Events| Artiste, Events and Audience - Godhope Uche

  #Weekendvibes: 10 Strategies For Increasing Audience At Music Events| Artiste, Events and Audience - Godhope Uche

 10 Strategies For Increasing Audience At Music Events| Artiste, Events and Audience - Godhope Uche

Any event you organize has the audience as its main priority. Engaging your audience is crucial to the success of your event, especially for musical performances. It can be challenging to collect feedback from your attendees at such a big event. How can you then make sure that your audience is satisfied and engaged?

The secret is to start focusing on your audience throughout the marketing and promotion phases of your event planning. Create a complex marketing plan in addition to your preparing for the logistics and semantics of a live concert because it's equally crucial to consider your audience. You must make extensive preparations and use a lot of creative thinking if you want to improve crowd participation at musical events.

1. Want to know and understand your audience.

First and foremost, you need to focus on and get to know your audience. This refers to gathering the information you require to start your core planning. Through the ticketing system you employ, you can accomplish this quickly. For instance, Ticket Fairy gives you amazing back-end information on the demographics of your ticket customers. You have all this information at your disposal to utilize to improve the performance experience for your audience, from the devices they use to buy tickets to how they got to the site.

You should also carry out some conventional audience mapping. It's a trustworthy method for learning what inspires and encourages your audience to participate in your events. You may enter the psychology of what your audience wants from a concert or festival by using audience mapping. You'll be able to classify, arrange, and determine precisely what inspires your audience, which is a wonderful place to start when coming up with new ways to engage them.

2. Market / Promote exclusive offers and experiences

Making plans for special promos and bundles is one method to engage your audience before to an event. Strong promos and offers are a simple approach to attract attendees' attention to a special feature of the event they are attending. This achieves two goals. It captures the interest of your audience by providing something special that they can appreciate. For instance, you could design a sweepstakes that participants must enter as part of a particular promotion for your event. Whatever it is, it is utilized to engage your audience. It might be backstage passes or even a special fan meet.

Through social media sites like Twitter or the local radio stations, you can publicize these prizes, special discounts, and more. Make the contest enjoyable as well! Request that they reply to a tweet or upload a picture that relates to a subject that is important to the overall event. Increase audience involvement by making the experience enjoyable and distinctive.

3. Produce content that encourages audience interaction.

Creating content is crucial for attracting your target audiences as part of marketing and promotion. Planning for innovative material that not only appeals to the eye but also encourages engagement is important. Post your flyers and artistic drawings, of course, as these are equally significant. However, making sure that you plan material that encourages interaction can undoubtedly boost audience engagement. Consider tweeting inquiries about the impending event that invite responses from your audience. The question "Who are you taking to the concert?" would suffice.

Be imaginative when creating the content you post and advertise since it will increase audience engagement, which will encourage people to come to your event.

4. Post frequently on social media

Engaging your audience on social media has a big role in getting their attention and holding it. When a social media profile hasn't been updated for several weeks or months, people become disinterested and are more likely to disregard it. You should make plans to update frequently and consistently. Making a content calendar containing relevant content, information, and posting dates is a simple approach to ensure this occurs. Being attentive and detailed is important since engaging event-related information will grab people's attention and keep them interested in attending.

Graphic of people working on social media to increase audience engagement

5. Take influencer partnerships into account while promoting your event.

Engaging your audience more is easy to do by collaborating with a social media influencer. People pay attention to and rely on their favorite social media influencers to know where the next best thing, which is your event, is located. It's also a terrific method to prepare content specifically for marketing your event. For instance, the influencer might take over Instagram and interact with your following there. Not only does it raise audience participation, but it also fosters a playful environment that fits the event you're arranging.

Just be sure to team up with an influencer who best embodies the event's meaning, topic, and target demographic. Choose carefully and collaborate with a person who fits your occasion.

6. Make an event schedule.

Focusing on the event and developing an event agenda will not only ensure uninterrupted event flow but is also a wonderful method to plan for unusual activities and establishes the call for audience participation. For longer events or bigger festivals, this is a particularly fantastic idea. Making time for a lighthearted activity that might be led by a point person is the best approach to ensure that your performing artists and crew have enough time to recuperate and set up for the following set without any awkward gaps.

7. Consider getting an MC / Event Anchor

A wonderful method to include your audience is to have an MC lead your event, which is similar to the first suggestion. MCs are animated characters who will enthuse the audience about the event. The MCs could lead the audience in these enjoyable activities at breaks to keep them interested throughout the event. A point person in charge of presenting the event shakes up the proceedings and gives your audience a reason to pay attention and participate at the MC's cue.

8. Make plans for major occasions

A fun method to engage your audience is by hosting special events. For instance, holding fan events is a terrific method to develop stronger bonds with die-hard supporters. It is an incredible experience for fans to get to interact with their favorite musicians up close. Fans will be more likely to follow any upcoming events with such a memorable and enthusiastic response, which adds to the lifetime of your personal brand and personality. Even long after the event has ended, your audience will remain interested.

9. Distribute event swag and gifts

Everyone enjoys purchasing goods, especially those related to events. The event memorabilia you provide will go into your audience's own collection of priceless mementos, so make sure you have plenty on hand. A way for your audience to interact with their surroundings and the venue in a way that leaves them with lasting impressions is through merchandise. You could, for instance, provide fans with a photo booth so they can capture the performance experience in perpetuity. This is a fantastic method for your audience to engage with the activities you have set up at the venue and make new memories.


10. Conduct an additional survey.

Last but not least, you should send out a brief survey that is simple for your attendees to complete after the event. The key objective is to build relationships and participation long after the event has ended, and this could be accomplished by sending a link by text or email. You can also ask them to subscribe for updates on upcoming events and gather feedback about their experiences. You can develop and create communication even after your event with the use of surveys.

Planning with your audience in mind will help you boost audience engagement. They are the main characters who will decide whether your event is a success. So be sure to put these simple suggestions into practice for your upcoming event, and you will find that