A music provides sensation to hearing and is pleasant to ears whereas a noise is unpleasant and is generally regarded as disturbance or unwanted. This will help to approach the problem.

Hearing is one of the most important senses a man can have. It allows a person to hear sounds through the mechanical waves that are transmitted and which stimulate the hearing organs. Each of the Earth’s components and everything that is in it can create sounds that are unique from each other.
The air, water, trees, and animals, including man, can create sounds. Man creates sounds through his voice and actions. Aside from this, he has developed special instruments in order to create sounds such as those that are used in music.

Pianos, guitars and violins, drums and bongos, cymbals and xylophones are only a few of the instruments that are made by man in order to enjoy music. Music is a form of art with sound as a medium, and the musical note is a combination of pitch and duration as its foundation.

Music is present in all cultures, and it plays a significant role in man’s life. Even during prehistoric times man was known to have enjoyed music as evidenced by ancient musical instruments found in ruins of ancient civilizations. It has many genres with common elements such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics, timbre, and texture. Different voices and instruments produce varying frequency combinations of sound and music. When these frequencies become inharmonious, they produce noise instead of music.

While music has a pleasing effect on the listener, noise is unpleasant to a person because of its irregular wave form, low frequency, and sudden changes in wave length. Noise can obstruct, garble, and contradict the meaning of electronic human and animal communication. It is an unwanted sound, usually very loud, and meaningless. Only a very thin line distinguishes music from noise. With the popularity of rock music, what is considered noise by other people may be music to the ears of others.

Music Or NOISE, for Artiste, Musicians and Entertainers.

Don't feel attacked by this content. 

Every musician needs to be sensitive in this part of music/sound creation.  
it's pertinent to note; that many Artiste, Musicians, Arrangers, and music inclined persons end up creating NOISE, instead of Music. remember that, MUSIC - Is an organized sound, so we'll say NOISE - Is an unorganized sound. so every musician should hereby decide on which kind of sound to create or make.
as a musician who's creatively looking out for good sounds, arrangement, and production be careful of being influenced by your co-musician.
lets get this illustration; Music is an art, you need to paint it first in your mind before interpreting it to a seen and heard sound that will be used and enjoyed by everyone. so you own your sound, avoid getting wrong and odd inspiration by any third party, which might cause an Interference of NOISE...