10 Things Every Artiste Should Do Before 11 A.M.

 10 Things Every Artiste Should Do Before 11 A.M.

1. Mornings can be challenging, let's accept it.

However, they are not need to be. Mornings set the tone for your entire day, regardless of whether you're the type of person who repeatedly presses the snooze button or someone who gets out of bed as soon as the sun comes up. Naturally, how you spend your days determines how you spend your life. It also positions you for professional success.

Morning routines are crucial for artists because our workdays are typically unstructured. To produce your finest work in the studio, you must be in the appropriate state of mind. But how?
By finishing these ten tasks before 10 A.M., you can start your day off on the right foot.

2. Make sleeping for at least seven hours a priority.

Sleep. Many working artists find it difficult to achieve, yet it is essential for your general health, which also affects your capacity to produce. Without this one, you cannot possibly keep a productive schedule.
Adults should get seven to nine hours of sleep every night, according to sleep specialists, who also associate a regular sleep schedule with better memory, more creativity and attention, a reduced chance of depression, a longer life, and lower levels of stress. Here are some ideas they offer if you're having problems accomplishing that goal:
Even on weekends, keep to your regular bedtime.
Try to relax before going to bed.
Ascertain the comfort of your mattress and pillows.
Exercise each day.
Don't use devices in bed or turn them off before going to sleep.
The alarm clock...

3. Establish your goals and adopt a grateful attitude.

It's crucial to remind yourself of your "why" before entering the studio.
Consider three or four things you are happy you are an artist for as well as three or four things you want to get done at work each day.
A revitalized passion for your creativity can be sparked by practicing mindfulness and can serve to remind you how fortunate you are to be doing what you love. Declaring your gratitude helps you feel less stressed and frames your surroundings in terms of abundance, positivity, and opportunity. These all position you for future success.

4. Use the previous night wisely.

Anyone who struggles to wake up and leave the house in the morning will understand how difficult it may be. So instead of waiting until you're in the middle of it to prepare, start today.
You might drag your feet in the morning and put off starting the actual job because you're rearranging your to-do list, packing a lunch to go with you, or even setting out the gear you'll use in the studio. Perform these tasks the night before when you have the energy to do so. The less anxiety you have when you wake up, the more prepared you'll feel to start the day.

5. Look after your body, which is your most vital tool.

Your body, the most valuable tool in your toolbox, can suffer from the rigors of everyday studio work.
Try getting your body moving in the morning in a different way if you aren't the early-morning gym type. Find a yoga routine you can practice at home or at a studio, or jog about your neighborhood as the sun comes up. Using your body first thing in the morning, regardless of what you decide, will raise your levels of enjoyment and productivity.
When you first get out of bed, at the very least, spend a few minutes stretching.
stretches include the Cobra Stretch, Cat Cow Yoga Pose, and the Lying Knee Twist (all shown here by APM)...

6.Draw or Scribble an Observation or Idea

Artists should perform a few creative activities to prepare their brains for creating, just like athletes do before performing.
Making your bed first thing in the morning has been replaced by morning doodles.

By putting oneself in the mentality of completing chores, making your bed in the morning has been shown to enhance your productivity throughout the day. Your brain wants to do additional things after you make your bed because it feels gratified.

Drawing in the morning can have a similar effect on an artist's brain. You might start by making a simple sketch to get you in the mood to continue.

At breakfast, get out a notebook and scribble some ideas.

7. Invest Ten minutes learning a new skill...

Set aside some time in the morning, even if it's just a few minutes, to learn something new. On your morning commute, put on an audiobook or a podcast on the art world.
Instead of scrolling through social media, read a few pages of your new book or scan your favorite blog about the art business.

By the end of the year, you will have read, listened to, or otherwise ingested a number of books and instructional materials that will help you succeed in general. The most accomplished individuals and artists are dedicated to lifelong learning.

With a website like Highbrow, you may register to receive daily emails with free five-minute tutorials where you can learn anything.

8. Pursue Your Objectives.
By now, goal-setting has probably becoming old hat to you. But there's a good reason why almost everyone on the planet who is successful utilizes them.
Goals give you the focus you need to accomplish big things. Review your long-term objectives each morning, and here's the twist: take one little action each day to assist you achieve them.

Open a profile on Instagram. Enroll in that workshop. distribute the newsletter. After that, rejoice in your success since it brings you that much closer to achieving your long-term objective. The positive energy will encourage you to continue.

You can more readily remember your artistic vision if you write down your goals and read them every day.

9. Maintain a Schedule
a pattern? But does performing the same task repeatedly lead to artistic stagnation?
Unexpectedly, no! In truth, routines help many creative powerhouses stay organized, focused, and prepared for work.

Check out this morning regimen designed just for artists, which includes being positive and having a healthy breakfast, if you need a boost. Without a doubt, when you get your day off to a good start, you'll feel happier and more creative...

10. Keep organized by doing one thing each day.
It's inevitable: if your studio or business is in disarray, you can't perform your duties as an artist.
It can be very difficult to focus on creating when you are continuously trying to catch up on where your artwork is, who you sold each item to, or how to acquire any of this important information. The worry is so great that it makes me forget everything.
Organizing your art business should be one of your top priorities, if not the first thing on your to-do list.
To keep organized as an artist, try our Artwork Archive for free. Then, each morning, resolve to keep your art's commercial aspect current. Review your sales, calendar, and inventory to Observe what's happening with your sales, plans, and inventory.